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Photo by Hans Zeeldieb, Paris 2016

Photo by Hans Zeeldieb, Paris 2016


I started as a graphic designer and art director in advertising. I quickly realized I love creating images and film.

I love simply-designed objects, concepts, fashion, furniture. Don't hate me for loving Helvetica Neue and Times New Roman.

I live between Vancouver and Berlin, and you can often find me in Toronto, NYC, LA, London, and Paris. Oh and I'm easily enticed to Cape Town, my birth city. So give a me shout for coffee anytime.

Some people I have worked with; Adobe, Chanel, Adidas, Nike, Footlocker, Target, Lululemon, Roots, Dakine, Mavi, Brooks Running, Microsoft, Siemens, Yamaha, Microsoft.

Published in Wallpaper, 125, Dazed, Vein, S magazine, ID, Wired, Fast Company, LeMile, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Flare, Vogue, Men's Health, Hunger, Nylon, Sharp, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, Volt, REVS, Superior, Fantastic, Montecristo, Schön.

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